Maxstrength Abdominal Abs Crunch Sit Up Ab Roller Muscles Trainer Gym Exercise

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Abs Roller With High Quality 

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MAXSTRENGTH Abs Crunch Trainer provides you with a fantastic way to tone and sculpt your abs. Simple but effective; this versatile Trainer allows you to perform 12 different exercises to blast every area of your abs. Thanks to its ergonomic design; it ensures you remain in the correct and safest position for achieving ripped abs whilst protecting your back and neck. The practical foam and head rest ensure this quality Crunch Trainer is a truly compete workout tool; offering maximum comfort every time you work out.Maxstrength Abdominal Abs Crunch.h

Product Features:

  • Abs Cruncher design with an extra feature of calories burning.
  • Specifically designed to use for firming oblique’s and abdominals.
  • Ideal for chest, back, shoulders and arms exercise.
  • This durable design abdominal roller is suite for both men and women.
  • The rolling motion of the cruncher target hard abdominal muscles.
  • Ideally worked for both lower and upper Abdominal Muscles.
  • This Abs roller cruncher is integrate with pads head rest for enhanced comfort.
  • To eliminate neck strain; cushioned headrest is featured allows you to focus on specific area of abs.

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